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PlfaA.01650.a: Putative bolA-like protein PFE0790c

Target Characteristics

from organism: Plasmodium falciparum 3D7
most recent status: in PDB
center reference id: PlfaA.01650.a
is community request: True
associated disease: Malaria
NIH risk group: 2
is select agent: False
NIH priority
pathogens category:

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image of structure for 2KDN
Deposited: 1/12/2009
Determination: NMR
Protein: PlfaA.01650.a.K1.PB00011

Publications by SSGCID

Solution-state NMR structure of the putative morphogene protein BolA (PFE0790c) from Plasmodium falciparum.
Arrowsmith CH, Buchko GW, Hui R, Myler PJ, Semesi A, Yee A
Acta Crystallogr. Sect. F Struct. Biol. Cryst. Commun. - 2014
volume 71, issue Pt 5, pages 514-21
PMID: 25945703; PMCID: PMC4427159

External Resources

Resource Reference ID
EuPathDB: PlasmoDB:PF3D7_0515800
OrthoMCL: OG5_127446
RefSeq: XP_001351715.1
UniProt: Q8I3V0


These sequences are the native gene sequence; sequences of constructs derived from these sequences may differ due to codon optimization or other protocols. To find the specific sequence of any material you may have ordered, click on the "more" button next to the name of that material.
AA Sequence

NT Sequence
atgtgcatac aaaaggttat tgaagataag ttaagttcag ctttaaagcc cacattttta gaattagtag ataaatcttg tggatgtgga acatcctttg atgctgtcat agtttctaat aatttcgagg ataaaaaatt attagataga catagacttg ttaacactat attaaaagaa gaactacaaa atattcacgc cttttctatg aaatgtcaca ccccactgga atatgataaa ttaaaaagca aatga

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